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Smart Hotel Technology and the “Smart” Guest Experience

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In the wake of COVID, travel has been redefined; travelers are seeking connection, experiences, and comfort, according to a recent survey by Hilton. Research revealed that more than half of travelers will prioritize adopting solutions that make travel easier in 2023. Nearly nine in 10 survey respondents desire at least one thing to be personalized during their travel experience. Hotels that embrace a “smart” guest experience powered by smart hotel technology will have the upper hand in delivering a personalized experience.

What is a Smart Guest Experience?

A smart guest experience uses data and technology to predict guest needs and then delivers on the request at the click of a button. In the future, predictive AI technology may allow hotels to anticipate what guests want before they even ask. Examples of smart guest experiences include:  

  • Mobile guest app for remote check-in and check-out
  • Control of room environment from mobile app
  • In-room tablets to increase guest engagement and personalize offers
  • Apps and tablets that allow experience bookings (massage, dinner reservations etc)
  • Device setting abilities through voice activation
  • Virtual reality tours
  • Facial recognition for hotel access
  • Robots for room service

Creating Personal Connection With Technology

Travelers desire personalization and connection when traveling. Travel brands can use smart hotel technology to create a seamless experience for guests throughout the lifecycle of a trip. 

Picture this: you walk into your hotel room, and your favorite music is softly playing in the background, your favorite chilled beverages are ready for you, and the room temperature is set to your liking. Your preferred pillow firmness has been selected, and if you are traveling with your family, there are adequate towels for everyone. Smart technology can make this room experience a reality; many hotels have already implemented many of these perks.

A personal experience could also include booking a room, adding excursions, and making dinner reservations, all within a hotel app. Adding personalized requests such as shower vs. tub, views, and linen preferences allow a guest to personalize their trip in one click. Using smart hotel technology to streamline the guest experience creates a personal connection with every guest and provides valuable data for hotels to use in the future through personalized offers. 

After the trip ends, the travel provider can follow up in the app to gather feedback. The integration of smart tech allows travel providers to extend the lifecycle loop in a highly personalized manner, making customers feel valued. 

SmartTown Perfect for Smart Guest Experiences

To implement a smart guest experience, data infrastructure must be in place to connect buildings and guests for a seamless experience.  Miller’s Landing is the first commercial multi-use development in the nation to be designated a SmartTown. Hotels and resorts in Miller’s Landing will have the infrastructure to create a plethora of smart guest experiences. If you are a developer interested in an opportunity at Miller’s Landing, please contact us for more details. 

Usually, developments are built and tech is added later; however, Miller’s Landing planned technology and construction in tandem. A user design approach was used in planning, translating “day in the life” scenarios into tech needs. For example, residents and visitors will be able to shop at various grocery stores and have their purchases automatically billed to their room or account, and smart hotel services will be available to hotel developers; everything will be connected. 

Many of us geeked out when watching the future-oriented cartoon The Jetsons. Today, the automated features in homes and hotels are catching up with The Jetsons. It will only be a matter of time before we all have our own Rosy the Robot and flying car. 
We leave you with this virtual reality tour “smart guest” experience example of overwater bungalows in Bora Bora…just in case you need an escape today!

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