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Smart City Technology Enhances Mobility

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Using Smart City Technology to Enhance Mobility Options 

Mobility solutions based on smart city technology are a top priority at Miller’s Landing. Miller’s Landing is a new mixed-use development in Castle Rock, CO. Our plans focus on leveraging smart city technology to improve how people get from place to place while visiting Miller’s Landing and the surrounding community. 

We’re employing our proprietary SmartTown design methodology to create an efficient, user-friendly mobility system. SmartTown focuses on user needs to scale smart city technology to smaller mixed-use developments. With SmartTown, we’re creating a robust, purpose-built smart city technology infrastructure to support Miller’s Landing.

You can learn more about SmartTown in our “Enhancing Public Health and Safety” and “Smarts of SmartTown” blogs.

Developing User Friendly Solutions

Various components of our efforts include developing and implementing guided intelligent parking solutions, wayfinding/navigation solutions and providing useful, user-friendly transportation options. 

Our goal is simple – to provide residents, tenant employees and visitors with the information and transportation resources they need to make living, working and visiting Miller’s Landing enjoyable, efficient and stress free.

SmartTown Leads the Way

Miller’s Landing is partnering with Layer 10 Consulting to assist with our SmartTown initiative. The professionals at Layer 10 are experts using smart city design methodology to enhance user experiences. By implementing the SmartTown method, we are creating an opt-in, connected engagement infrastructure that will enrich the experience people have at Miller’s Landing.

Unlike other design approaches, SmartTown employs a people-centered approach. The SmartTown methodology ensures that a design meets user needs before we select or install any technology, including mobility solutions.

Mobility Components

Our plans call for developing a mobile application that visitors and residents can access even before they enter Miller’s Landing. This app will encompass all mobility needs at Miller’s Landing and will include a host of useful options. These include directions to available parking, a parking reservation system, track your parking location and wayfinding assistance that directs you to your destination.

“Our goal is for visitors, tenant employees and residents to only have to park once at Miller’s Landing,” said Ken Wilkinson, Managing Partner at Layer 10. “Once parked, Miller’s Landing will provide a host of easy to use options to move around the development. We’ll provide a seamless mobility experience for users that begins even before they arrive at Miller’s Landing.”

We are looking to work with the Town of Castle Rock, the Downtown Development Authority and Douglas County, CO, on implementing many of these smart city solutions in the community, including parking, traffic and congestion-relieving technology.

The mobile app will also include online connections to electronic bikes and scooters and ride share assistance that users can access while visiting Miller’s Landing.

Intelligent Parking

One option under consideration at Miller’s Landing is installing an array of smart city Internet of Things (IoT) sensors throughout the development that will indicate which parking spaces are available. Leading shopping malls and parking vendors successfully use similar systems around the country to manage parking resources. This system would also connect with solar-powered street parking and pay stations as well.

Another consideration for optimizing space availability is an unbundled parking system. Simply put, unbundled parking takes best advantage of parking resources by designating parking spots for different needs at different times. For example, an office parking garage would be reserved for employee parking during the day and made available for visitors during the evenings and on weekends.

Taking advantage of the latest smart parking systems makes the best use of parking resources, saves on parking construction and maintenance costs and frees up land for other uses, such as open space.

An Enhanced User Experience

The Miller’s Landing mobile app may also include other features, such as allowing a resident or worker to use their smart phone as their security pass and access to event calendars and other useful information.

About Miller’s Landing

Miller’s Landing is creating a vibrant new town center in the heart of Castle Rock, CO. The pedestrian-friendly town center will feature exciting retail, restaurant and entertainment options, modern offices, multifamily residential options, and ample open space with stunning views of the Colorado Front Range.

About Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a popular and growing community located on the I-25 corridor in the south Denver metro area. The town offers convenient access to nearby Denver to the north and Colorado Springs to the south. Known for its small-town charm, Castle Rock is home to many well-educated professionals.

Land, Linger, Launch

Miller’s Landing is creating a unique space for professional growth and personal adventure. SmartTown is one more way we’re committed to your success. Join us and let’s build the future together. We invite you to learn more.

Have an Idea? Let Us Know!

Listening to the community remains a top priority at Miller’s Landing, especially as we navigate the rapidly changing markets for hospitality and office users. We look forward to continuing our conversation with you on the next steps for Miller’s Landing.

If you have thoughts or ideas about Miller’s Landing, please share them with us. The Community Share section on the Miller’s Landing website offers a section to share your thoughts with us. We welcome your involvement!

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