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Medical Industry Trends

Medical Industry Trends for 2020

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How the medical industry trends have changed the nature of healthcare delivery

Shifting medical industry trends have put a new focus on “micro-hospitals,” which are health centers that mix general care and wellness within a downscaled location.

These medical industry trends have been underway for several years. The idea is to combine physician offices with physical therapy options and a modern gym to provide patients with a one-stop location for better health.

These fast moving trends are already well underway in Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Arizona according to a recent report from The University of Southern California.

“The fast changing nature of healthcare delivery and a desire for convenience in treatment services has led to the emergence of modern trends such as the urgent care clinics, stand-alone emergency rooms, and now ‘micro-hospitals,” the USC report states.

These trends fit nicely with the overall designs behind Miller’s Landing, a state-of-the-art, a 65-acre mixed-use development, which includes hospitality, entertainment, retail and office possibilities near downtown Castle Rock.

“There is a real push to make health care easier and more convenient for patients,” said Shawn Temple, Managing Director of the Miller’s Landing project. “The push involves creating a space that allows easy access to physicians, therapists and a fitness center to make physical therapy accessible.”

An analysis from the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions found that a shift from volume to value care has driven the trend.

“The growing interest in micro-hospitals is likely in part connected to the shift toward providing more care in outpatient settings,” the analysis indicated. “Micro-hospitals may provide more care options for patients and reduce travel time.”

The developers behind Miller’s Landing have embraced the trend and have incorporated the needs of future patients into the multi-use project.

A high-end gym and a physical therapy facility are among the plans within the Miller’s Landing project. The development also includes a full service resort that will anchor the west side of the development. This 350-room hotel will provide an unmatched experience on the Front Range: 35,000-square-feet of indoor meeting space, 20,0000-square-feet of outdoor event space, glamping, spa and two restaurants.

The resort, located near the development’s future “micro-hospital”, will provide further convenience for patient care.

“The idea is to create a micro-hospital that puts doctors on one floor, physical therapists on another, all near a high-end gym,” Temple said. “This concept follows the trend to put medical offices and gyms in one location.”

Having a top-end gym with easy access to physicians and therapist makes post-care treatment easy and convenient for patients.

“The design will let patients go from their doctor to a physical therapist and then to a gym to enhance all levels of rehabilitation,” Temple said.

The Miller’s Landing gym facility will be open to all, but it will include equipment and options for whatever rehabilitation needs a patient requires.

Temple added that the Miller’s Landing project and it’s wellness-based hotel will be a perfect fit for outpatients.

“Let’s look at a patient who has come to the micro-hospital for knee surgery,” Temple said. “This operation requires recuperation time and rehabilitation work with physical therapy. Our goal is to create convenience that gives patients the option to stay at a resort that offers great food and massages.”

The combination of excellent medical care, coupled with a hotel that stresses wellness and health will provide a far better setting for recovery compared to hospital stays and home-based recovery.


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