More Than Numbers

We are a vibrant Place to Work and Live.

Business Location fActors Matter

Perfectly located between
Denver and Colorado Springs

Downtown Denver – 30 miles, 25 minutes by car

Colorado Springs – 40 miles, 35 minutes by car

Easy access to major state routes

Ring road surrounds the town for easy access everywhere

Miller's Landing

Transportation Master Plan is a key business location factor

  • Satisfies the needs of residents
  • Accommodates regional traffic
  • Protects the integrity of local residential neighborhoods
  • Supports Town of Castle Rock’s goals
  • Describes Castle Rock’s Functional Street Classification Plan
  • Includes development requirements for new roads
  • Addresses the full range of travel modes: vehicular, transit, rail, pedestrian and bicycle
  • I-25 18 mile stretch between Castle Rock & Monument under construction. Anticipated completion 2022.


Bike & Pedestrian

  • Extensive Bike trail plan to connect the town and the regional bike trail network
  • Pedestrian friendly Downtown with high walkability


  • Union Pacific
  • Burlington Northern / Santa Fe rail lines

Our workforce is growing strong

Source: Data US, 2019


4.59% GROWTH

Median Age


AVERAGE Household Income

$ 0
Source: CREDC 2018


0 %

Number of employees

5.22% GROWTH

Median Property value

$ 0
5.22% GROWTH

There is more

Easy to attract employees and clients from either city
  • 171,569 people make up the Douglas County labor force
  • 80% of all households have at least one wage earner; 62% have two or more
  • 87% of the workforce has at least some college or post-secondary training
  • 47% has a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 31% work in high tech jobs or industries
  • Castle Rock residents work in the metro Denver area and 8% work in the Colorado Springs area
  • 43% of employed residents work in Castle Rock
  • Nearly 69% of commuters would prefer to work in Castle Rock and 27% would consider taking a 10% pay cut to do so
  • Castle Rock has been ranked No. 1 in Job Growth with a 244% increase in jobs since 1990.
        Sources: CNN Money Magazine 2005 report; July 2007 Workforce Study.