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In 2020 we launched a new digital platform to gather community input and data from people who live, work, dine, shop, and visit Castle Rock. In the first year we had over 150 people submit ideas, fill out surveys, and provide thoughtful feedback to help inform the evolving plans for Miller’s Landing. Read the vision of Miller’s Landing.


Below are a few highlights from the data we have gathered.

Current Amenities Used Most Often




Most people were very satisfied with the number of trails an d park accessibility in our latest plan. 



A recreational water feature near downtown was out most popular missing amenity. 



In order to provide more quality restaurants and venues, we’d need to add residential condos.

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To keep the public engaged and informed as planning and construction design advances, we’re integrating the community input tools and information from our digital platform here on the Miller’s Landing website.

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Listening to the community remains a top priority for us especially as we navigate the rapidly changing markets for hospitality and office users. We look forward to continuing our conversation with you on the next steps for Miller’s Landing.



Community Poll

One of the things we heard from the community is that they want additional dining options nearby. We’re curious to know what types of dining options you envision yourself and/or your family frequenting most often.

Please rank in order of priority.

Community Poll

By working closely with the Town of Castle Rock and the community, Miller’s Landing has identified several critical gaps in the local economy and community that this project will address:

  • Castle Rock doesn’t have a full-service conference center hotel to host weddings, business events, and social affairs so residents take their business elsewhere.
    • An open water recreation area with a mountain village feel will anchor the outdoor space.
  • Pre-COVID over 80% of Castle Rock residents with jobs left town every day, creating more traffic and spending their dollars outside our Town’s economy because employers don’t see the office space they’re looking for in Castle Rock.
    • The office market demands an active residential and retail space with restaurant and other amenities in close proximity.
  • Improved traffic flow and pedestrian/bike connectivity between Philip S. Miller Park and downtown.
    • Widening roads, improving road alignments, and adding trails to convert the industrial zone into a pedestrian friendly area.

Brief Project History

Before we (P3 Advisors, master developer) were able to begin construction, we worked closely with the Town of Castle Rock, Douglas County, and other government agencies to remediate a 9-acre landfill that had not been operational since 1979. About $9 million was invested in the cleanup effort, which was completed in June 2019. The landfill cleanup was a critical step toward developing this previously blighted land, but these public-private partnerships require a shared vision and collaboration among many parties.