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Miller’s Landing is building the future. Creating a place, the place, to live and work more fully. We are the place to be.

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Miller’s Landing commercial development blog will help you in making informed decisions regarding business sites and SmartTowns in Castle Rock, CO.  This is where we will share our insights on relevant topics, such as commercial real estate (CRE) trends, mixed-use development, Smart Growth concepts, sustainability, economic recovery, business development, employment & related industries – hospitality, restaurants, retail and others.
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Experience that Builds Smart

Building on Excellence | Let’s Build Together

Passionate about creating a vibrant, growing community of good work and good living, Miller’s Landing was conceived and is being developed by P3 Advisors and Crown Community Development. Miller’s Landing’s Master Developer, P3 Advisors is a real estate development and investment firm that specializes in complex brownfield, mixed use and specialty snow sports projects that

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Cybersecurity and Building Commercial Real Estate Right

As part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, commercial real estate is a cybersecurity risk category that is part of the nation’s wider “critical infrastructure.” Most people think about the risks from an operational technology perspective. No one wants to have to pay $5000 in bitcoin in exchange for a ransomed network, right? But while these

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ESG investment

What is ESG? Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Short for “environmental, social and governance,” ESG is a stakeholder-centric approach to doing business. Companies that adhere to ESG standards agree to conduct themselves ethically in those three areas. Organizations have a wide range of approaches and solutions to focus on under the ESG umbrella. For example: Environmental: preserving our natural world Climate change Carbon

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hybrid work

The Changing Workforce and Your Hybrid Workplace Strategy

The workplace has fundamentally changed. While 80% of workers are in favor of returning to work, companies of all sizes across many industries are increasingly making the shift to hybrid work. A Wakefield Research survey shows that 47% of employees would likely look for another job if their employer doesn’t offer a flexible working model.

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USERRA: What Employers Need To Know

U.S. military veterans, National Guard, and Reserve members have valuable transferable skills that can thrive in any company or organization. With intentional training and a solid support structure, studies show that military veterans, National Guard, and Reserve members are more likely to be promoted and become leaders within a company. As the number of National

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digital trends in hospitality

Digital Trends in Hospitality

Why digital trends in hospitality are more important than ever Digital transformation is one of the fastest growing trends in the hospitality industry. As guests look for more personalized experiences when they travel, hotels are looking to digital solutions to bring such experiences to life. For hoteliers, this means an ever-changing landscape where it is

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