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best places to live

Best Places to Live have Vibrant Main Streets

Best Places to Live have Vibrant Main Streets A dynamic main street can make the difference between a community being ranked as a best place to live or simply just another community. At Miller’s Landing in Castle Rock, CO, we are designing a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly main street that will serve as an anchor of

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best place to live

Culture Makes Castle Rock Best Place to Live

Castle Rock Supports Active Cultural Environment Beautiful sunny weather, outstanding outdoor recreation, excellent schools and small-town charm, all make Castle Rock, CO, one of the best places to live in the U.S. Add to this the community’s active and well-supported cultural environment and it becomes apparent why Castle Rock is regularly ranked as one of

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Start a business in Colorado

Castle Rock is a Top Spot to Start a Business in Colorado

Castle Rock Supports Business Development Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Castle Rock, CO, remains one of the best places to live and start a business in in Colorado. The town’s appeal can be credited in part to its beautiful location, highly-educated residents and close proximity to Denver and Colorado Springs. The town’s business-friendly environment and multitude

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Healthy Community

Douglas County, CO, Named a Healthy Community

Douglas County Named a Healthy Community A recent ranking by U.S. News and World Report and the Aetna Foundation listed Douglas County, CO,  as the second healthiest community in the nation. In the report announcing the findings, U.S. News stated that the ranking reflects the economic and social vitality of the county. The ranking scored

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real estate development process

The Real Estate Development Process at Miller’s Landing

Following the Commercial Real Estate Development Process Large commercial real estate developments like Miller’s Landing follow a fairly standard process from project inception to completion. To the untrained eye, a development may seem to move along in spurts of activity follow by periods of inaction. But this is rarely the case. At Miller’s Landing we’ve

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maintain community character

Growing While Maintaining Your Community’s Unique Character

While change is inevitable in just about any town or city, many growing communities grapple with how to maintain their community’s unique character while still allowing for growth. It’s a legitimate concern. Far too often towns and cities have witnessed a charming historic building torn down, only to be replaced with a fast food establishment.

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community involvement

Community Involvement is Key at Miller’s Landing

Honoring the Castle Rock Community at Miller’s Landing Over the past few years progressive real estate developers have learned that community involvement is key to the success of a project. It’s a welcome development. In the past, many developers have been hesitant to reach out to the community at large, fearing negative feedback regarding their

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Benefit from the Ample Open Space at Miller’s Landing

Benefit from the Ample Open Space at Miller’s Landing

Open Space Provides Valuable Benefits Research has consistently shown that open space provides a host of benefits to individuals and communities. For years, cities and communities of all sizes across the country have embraced the concept of open space, both as developed parklands for recreational use and more open, natural areas. Recently, commercial developers have

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What is the Future of Coworking

What is the Future of Coworking?

Can the Coworking Concept Survive the Pandemic? As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt wide swaths of the business world, one segment that seems to face an uncertain future is the coworking business. Once the darlings of the business world, coworking quickly grew in popularity as the economy was booming and office rentals continued to

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hospitality at work

Hospitality at Work Fosters Productive Work Environments at Miller’s Landing

Hospitality at Work Programs Pay Dividends At Miller’s Landing we are committed to creating positive, productive work environments. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hospitality at Work (H@W) to provide an unrivaled customer service experience at our new 150,00 square-foot office building.  Miller’s Landing in Castle Rock, CO, is one of Southeast Denver’s newest and most

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