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commercial office space

WFH erodes trust, shows value of commercial office space

Working from Home is Damaging Employee Trust While working from home is most likely here to stay, at least in some form, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review points to growing trust issues between employees who work from home and don’t enjoy the once common in-person interactions that occur in commercial office spaces.

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smart city

Smart City Technology Enhances Mobility

Using Smart City Technology to Enhance Mobility Options  Mobility solutions based on smart city technology are a top priority at Miller’s Landing. Miller’s Landing is a new mixed-use development in Castle Rock, CO. Our plans focus on leveraging smart city technology to improve how people get from place to place while visiting Miller’s Landing and

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multifamily housing

Multifamily Housing Begins Recovery

Multifamily Housing Expected to Begin Recovery This Year While the economic downturn has certainly had a negative affect on the multifamily housing market, the sector remains on solid footing according to mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Certainly, the multifamily housing sector is not where anyone would like to see it, but it’s not all doom and

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Downturn Results in More Entrepreneurs

While the economic downturn has caused substantial hardships for many people, one unexpected trend has emerged from the crisis – a rise in the number of entrepreneurs in the U.S. The trend is a pronounced departure from previous economic downturns, when small business formation declined or grew only slightly. International consulting firm McKinsey & Company,

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multifamily housing

Multifamily Housing Outperforms Other Market Sectors

While the multifamily housing market was hit fairly hard during the COVID-19 downturn, it still performed better than most sectors and is expected to recover starting this year, which is good news at Miller’s Landing, a new multi-use development in Castle Rock, CO. A report from international real estate giant CBRE predicts a return to

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migration to suburbs

Migration to Suburbs Underway in Colorado

In Colorado we’re experiencing a migration of people moving out of Denver and into more suburban and rural areas, including Douglas County, long ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S. The migration to the suburbs is a nationwide trend, spurred in part by the ability to work from home along

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commercial offices

Commercial Offices Pose Fewer Security Risks

Remote Work Creates Security Risks for Companies It should come as no surprise that having employees work from home exposes a company to a host of security issues not present when employees work in commercial offices.  When working in a commercial office, employees generally use computers and other communication devices that are issued by the

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mixed-used Developments

C-PACE Passage to Help Mixed-Use Developments

Douglas County Approves C-PACE Program On March 9, 2021, the Douglas County, CO, Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution that authorizes the C-PACE program in the County, a decision Miller’s Landing, a new mixed-used development in Castle Rock, believes is the right move for the County to make. It is a win for citizens,

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retail commercial real estate

Retail and Commercial Real Estate Trends in 2021

Last year was certainly a difficult year for retail and the commercial real estate sector in general. The major economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic shook retail to its core, led to major changes in buyer behavior and put on hold many planned commercial real estate development projects. What’s in store for 2021? Here

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Business real estate

Economic Reports Possibly Good News for Business Real Estate

Two recent economic reports provide a glimmer of hope for the economy and the business real estate sector in general.  Castle Rock Faring Better Than Most Communities The recently released Castle Rock Economic Development Council (EDC) 2020 Annual Report shows that Castle Rock, CO, has fared better than many other communities during the economic downturn.

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