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Market Trends for Retail

Retail Property Development Trends for 2020

Despite what you may have read about the untimely demise of the Forever 21 brand, the end of brick and mortar shopping is a long way off.

Forward looking investors and developers understand the collapses of a well-known brand does not signal an apocalypse for the American shopping experience.

Yes, the brick and mortar retail has begun a dramatic transformation. But this evolution is a good thing for all.

Modern and next-generation shopping excursions won’t just be about great sales. Instead, trips to the mall will be adventures that start with a bike ride or walk through a modern town center, and end with zip-line trips or ski runs in an outdoor wonderland along The Front Range.

“The days of the strip mall are numbered,” said Shawn Temple, Managing Director of the Miller’s Landing project. “What’s coming is a more integrated experience.”

Miller’s Landing, a 65-acre mixed-use development will create an integrated vibe with shopping, hospitality, entertainment, and retail office possibilities near downtown Castle Rock.

The project will unveil a new shopping experience that satisfies the needs of adventurous customers and families. These shoppers know life is about endless possibilities.

“The shopping most of us grew up with has changed because people today want richer experiences,” Temple said. “Those experiences center around entertainment and places to linger in style while walking inside an urban village.”

The Miller’s Landing project will entice shoppers to land and thrive amid music options, great food and beverage offerings. The shopping zone will be within a stroll or bike ride from downtown Castle Rock. The project’s designs and art will encourage lingering within a contained community.

And when the retail experience is done, spirited shoppers can launch into the great outdoors at nearby Philip S. Miller Park – home to zip lines, mountain bike trails and a top-notch outdoor amphitheater.

The future of shopping has come to Castle Rock. You’re going to like it.

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