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Dear Neighbors,

As residents of Castle Rock, Shawn Temple and Scott Springer, co-founders and Managing Directors of P3 Advisors LLC, are committed to maintaining and improving the outstanding quality of life town residents enjoy. As some of you may know our company is the master developer of Miller’s Landing, located at the Plum Creek Parkway and I-25 interchange.

From the start, we’ve worked in partnership with the Town of Castle Rock and the local community to develop the property. Miller’s Landing is located on land that the town had deemed blighted and in need of redevelopment. The site had been the location of an abandoned landfill.

In 2017, P3 Advisors created a public-private partnership to remove the landfill, remediate the land and prepare it for redevelopment. The remediation project cost approximately $9 million.

Miller’s Landing will be pedestrian and bicycle friendly, offer an environment that complements downtown Castle Rock and provide easy access to downtown via a walking and bicycle path. It will include retail and restaurant options, modern office spaces, a resort hotel and spa, and much-needed conference and meeting facilities. It will also greatly improve traffic flow in the once industrial area as well.

The Miller’s Landing plan, which has been approved by the Town of Castle Rock, also includes multi-family housing on a portion of the site. Recently, we approached the Town seeking approval for the flexibility to include multi-family housing in other areas of the site as well to prevent housing from being concentrated in just one area. Mixing housing with the office and retail spaces will create a better environment and provide more housing options for local residents, with easy access to the businesses located downtown and I-25.

In addition, our plan includes large parcels of open space. Miller’s Landing is a far cry from the bland office parks of the past. Today, communities want and demand developments designed to encourage pedestrian traffic and access to nature. Miller’s Landing delivers on both fronts.

When completed, it will serve as a major economic engine for Castle Rock, providing tax revenue to the town and quality local jobs to residents. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, over 80 percent of Castle Rock residents commuted outside of town for work. Miller’s Landing will reduce the need for commuting and provide much-needed local employment opportunities.

We are committed to community involvement. From the outset we’ve encouraged feedback and comments from the community. Our Neighborland community web site is found at MLinput.com. It provides local residents with a platform to share their input regarding Miller’s Landing.

P3 Advisors is based in Castle Rock. We specialize in complex brownfield, mixed-use and specialty snow sport projects. We create sustainable, community-focused developments. We are fully committed to creating a development that complements and enhances Castle Rock and provides local residents with outstanding employment opportunities and entertainment and recreational options.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Town of Castle Rock and its residents as we create this exciting new development.

Best Regards,
Shawn Temple & Scott Springer
P3 Advisors, LLC

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